Para Empezar Project

In the past two weeks we have been learning the forms of ser and how to describe your friends using said forms. We also learned how to describe what your friends like to do and how to plug them back into sentences.

Through this unit I learned how to say my friends and I like something, and my friends and I are something.

I created a project that showcases my skills and knowledge in using the forms of ser and gustar by telling what I like to do and what I am, what my friend, Luke, likes to do and what he is, what my brother and I like to do and what we are, and what me and my friends like to do and what we are.

Description of myself in Spanish


This is the #threeficitonalcharacters trend. You take three fictional characters from a T.V show, book etc and choose the people that describe yourself. We’ve been learning about how to describe ourselves and others in Spanish, so this fits perfectly with the lessons that we have been learning.It is important to know how to describe someone in spanish because if you are to run into the police and they both happen to be from Mexico, then you’ll be able to describe the person(s) that you saw commit a crime. Or maybe if you take a job that you would need a foreign language for, then you have this skill to communicate with foreigners and describe what their boss might look like.

Me gusta dormir, jugar a los videojuegos y tocar en la banda. Me gusta jugar a los videojuegos a la casa. Me gusta dormir en mi cama por la noche. Me gusta tocar en la banda por la tarde.Yo soy jóven, cómico y creativo.

FFA Proud

If you haven’t already read the article titled “FFA Is Lame AF” I have no idea how you haven’t but let me just sum it up for you. Basically, this PETA member is trying to convince you that all we do is viciously kill pigs, “rape” cows by injecting a bull’s sperm into a female cow, which, by the way, don’t you think that the cow would rather have a puny human’s hand inside her or a giant 3,000 pound bull on her back? Yeah, think about that. Just because there are some places in the world were people mistreat animals does not mean that all places in the world do that. I know that if you have read the article that you saw the lamb being castrated, that is by no means how we actually do it, more that likely that lamb bled out or if it didn’t bleed out, it got infected and had to be put down. The animals around here and in most states in America are treated correctly and are not castrated like the lamb was, the person who castrated it didn’t really look like he was from America anyways, to be infact, it said that in AUSTRALIA, this is how they treat animals, well, I’m here to tell you, this isn’t Australia, this is AMERICA. The majority of the FFA members do not treat their animals like this, we do give these animals rights and do hate to see them being mistreated like this. So please, if you have any faith in us, you will help us out and be on our side for once, if you have been in FFA or are in FFA at this time, please stand up your organization, we don’t want to see it being torn down because of some people in this worlds who don’t know what they are doing.

Genius Hour progression

In my Genius Hour I have progressed by looking at some ways to create my own video game and have watched some videos over it. Some of the videos have helped me and some of the were not really understandable, but I managed to understand a portion of it. I have planned out what I will try and make my game like, it will be a game like but the blobs will be small triangles moving on tracks, and the small beads will be small circles as they normally are only you won’t eat them, you have to try and keep them away from you so that you survive and the other blobs that eat you now you will be  able to team with. I also don’t know if this is exactly what I want it to be like, but it will be similar to and it will have the triangles instead of circles.agario-agario-game-skins-extended-cheats-hack-how-play-tips-tricks-google-chrome